Hochwertiges Produkt! Optisch sehr schön. Einfache Installation und Bedienung. Das beste ist aber der Kundenservice.

Daniel B.

I am convinced of the system. Clean water at the desired temperature. What more do you want?

Peter W.

Finally an ice bath without having to buy ice all the time. The perfect temperature all year round!

Angela L.

Better sleep & more energy

Stronger immune system

More power & faster recovery

Increased willpower

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Swiss provider

shipping from Switzerland

additional or hidden customs & import costs


you can take everywhere

bulky and not portable


strong 1HP cooler

mostly only 0.6HP


cheaper & no extra cost for heating

more expensive with lower cooling capacity

Remote control

easy via app

manual setting

Installation & maintenance

within a few minutes

inconvenient setup and maintenance

Eisbad Wasserkühler PROEisbad Wasserkühler PRO

Hassle free & sustainable

With the complete set you not only save water, time and money, but also bathe much more efficient & sustainable.

Without expensive expenses for ice and without having to constantly change the water.

Clean & efficient

Powerful cooler and pump for your desired temperature at any time.

Thanks to the integrated filter & ozone disinfection, the water stays clean for a very long time with very low maintenance.

What do health insurance companies say?


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