Ice bath bundle steel

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The Arctic Plunge bundle is perfect for those who want clean and consistent cooling. Our complete set consisting of a tub, filter, pump and cooler cools water down to 1°C. The constant water flow and filter keeps the water clean much longer than other options.

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and installation is very easy. Get ready for a new cooling experience!
Size: 120 x 60 x 60 cm
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Powerful chiller

1HP strong for up to 1°C cold water

Water filter & pump

Flowing & filtered for clean water

Indoors & outdoors

Can be used indoors or outdoors.


Integrated heating up to 40°C

Clean water & powerful cooling

We use a very powerful water chiller to cool the water down to 1°C as quickly and constantly as possible. The integrated pump and filter keep the water clean for a long time. So nothing stands in the way of your perfect ice bath!

Climate capacity

9000BTU / 1HP power

Temperature level

1 - 40°C


3-5°C per hour

Noise level



both indoors and outdoors


Depending on requirements, ambient temperature and location, we recommend additional insulation for the stock tank (energy efficiency). Or directly our bundle pro