Ice bath bundle PRO

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The most convenient and versatile ice bath for at home. With the Arctic Plunge bundle PRO you get everything you need for ice bathing: portable tub and a cooler with integrated pump, filter and ozone disinfection.

Compact, space-saving and easy to transport/store. Available in two shapes (barrel & tub) to suit all preferences and space requirements.

✓ high quality
desired temperature at all times
✓ integrated filter & ozone disinfection
✓ suitable for indoors & outdoors
✓ convenient control via WiFi/app
✓ space-saving, mobile & compact
✓ powerful cooler
✓ simple installation

Cooling power: 1 HP
Form: Tub
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Powerful cooler

1HP strong for up to 3°C cold water

Water filter & disinfection

Filter and ozone disinfection for long-lasting clean water

Indoor & outdoor

Can be used indoors or outdoors.


Integrated heating up to 42°C

Clean water & strong cooling

We use the most powerful water cooler to cool the water up to 3°C as quickly and constantly as possible. The integrated pump, filter and ozone disinfection keep the water clean for the longest time. So nothing stands in the way of your perfect ice bath!


0.6 HP

1.0 HP

Cooling capacity



Temperature level

3 - 42°C

3 - 42°C


23°C to 5°C

  • 200L≤5.6h
  • 500L≤9.8h

23°C to 5°C

  • 200L≤3.1h
  • 500L≤6.9h
App control

Android, iOS & Wifi

Android, iOS & Wifi

Excellent design with low noise level

Automatic start-stop for constant temperature

Ozone disinfection and additional water filter

Self-priming circulation pump

Wifi, remote control by iOS & Android app

High-quality materials and components for 24/7 operation

Overload protection and leakage protection system

Separation system for water and electricity

Eisbad Komplettset PRO

Filter & disinfection

With the space-saving integrated filter and the additional ozone disinfection, which eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, the water stays clean even longer.

Mobile tub

Made of durable PVC double wall fabric.

Lightweight & inflatable so you can take your ice bath with you anywhere.

Available in two shapes for the perfect fit: tub or barrel.

Strong water cooler

The water cooler guarantees the desired temperature at all times. Conveniently controllable via app / wifi.


8cm thick insulation for consistent temperature and less energy consumption. With windproof lid.


Even more space-saving and easier installation thanks to only two hoses.