Portable ice bath PRO

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The mobile & flexible ice baths are made of very durable DWF. You can take your ice bath anywhere thanks to the included pump & backpack.

Features a screw cap for draining water and connections for the PRO cooler. So you can also use a cooler later without any further effort.

✓ high quality
suitable for indoors & outdoors
space-saving, mobile & compact
simple & fast installation
with or without chiller

Form: Tub
In stock

Mobile & flexible

Space and energy saving, insulated for low heat/cold loss. You can take it anywhere: simple & light with the included pump & backpack.

Very robust and durable thanks to double-wall reinforced fabric. The same material is also used for military speedboats. And if something should happen, a repair kit is included.


both indoors and outdoors


made of durable DWF+PVC tarpaulin


insulation thanks to 8cm thick air gaps between the walls.

Mobile & compact

The ice bath can be set up anywhere and taken away again in the practical backpack.