About Arctic Plunge

Health, breathing, sports and nutrition has been a topic with me for a very long time. So of course ice bathing was not far away.

A few years ago I started ice bathing and realized very quickly that I wanted to do it regularly. As there was no solution at the time and it would have been too expensive for me, I had to get a rain barrel. This was quickly set up on the roof terrace and used regularly during the winter months. My wife was not very enthusiastic at that time, but after a short time she said that she would also contribute financially to the rain barrel (she also found "fun" in ice bathing).

Unfortunately, ice bathing was no longer possible above a certain temperature, as the water was simply too warm. So a new solution had to be found: an ice cube machine to make ice. Of course, my wife was again not very happy about the power consumption and the fact that the ice was only effective for a very short time. The water also had to be changed very often.

I then started researching what ice bath solutions were available on the market. At that time it was almost exclusively providers from America. In addition to the very high prices (usually starting at 5,000 USD), the shipping costs of several thousand USD had to be paid, and all the import and customs fees had not yet been paid.

Because of this problem, that there is no supplier for ice baths in Switzerland, the idea arose to produce them myself. I then worked intensively on it and acquired all the knowledge I needed. And when I was satisfied with the solution, I thought to myself that I was certainly not the only one.

Our vision is to be able to offer ice baths to all ice enthusiasts in Switzerland. We are constantly expanding our range in order to be able to offer something for every customer - whether a starter tub to try out or a complete system with cooler and integrated filter & disinfection.
Quality and satisfied customers are very important to us.